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Cinnaberry Crumble – Witchcraft 50ml


Cinaberry Crumble

Cinnamon and Blueberry is a pair made in heaven, especially if it’s infused in a nice crumble base. Perfect balance of fruitiness and creaminess makes this juice an unforgettable one, always craving for more.

Pink Lush – Witchcraft 50ml


Pink Lush

After the success of Blue Lush our tribe thought to bring a new colour to our flavour palette, thus Pink Blush has been born! Amazing mixture of cooling lemonade and pineapples, infused with strawberries and watermelon, the dream of a slush lover!

Tropicool – witchcraft 50ml



Imagine you are at a tropical beach where they serve you a cooling cocktail of pineapple, papaya and lemon on crushed ice. Now you can get the same feeling while vaping Tropicool – the only thing that will be missing is a small cocktail umbrella from your device!

Limeberry Breeze – Witchcraft 50ml


Limeberry Breeze

Everybody loves pink lemonades, the dance of raspberries and lime, but what happens if you bring an extra note of cactus to this ritual? Try Limeberry Breeze and you’ll find out!

Banana Bliss – Witchcraft 50ml


Banana Bliss

You can go bananas for this flavour! A nice creamy blend of bananas, milk and honey, baked into a soft and tasty sponge cake – now you don’t have to bake it, just vape it!

Manic Mango Witchcraft 50ml


Manic Mango

Mango is one of the most popular tropical fruits, but we made it more exotic with blood orange and a hint of sweet guava – the icy sensation at the end gives it a twist, you’ll go manic for more! Crazy how tasty this juice is!

Dragon Spikes – Witchcraft 50ml


Dragon Spike

Only the bravest try to obtain one of the rarest ingredients of witchcraft and wizardry from a vicious dragon, but it’s the key to make a delicious liquid of dragonfruit, watermelon and summer fruits. Our tribe proved themselves worthy and finally made Dragon Spikes and let the people embrace it too!